GEC, an Exhibition & Event Management Company, specializes in full service for Exhibitions, Events, Tradeshows & conference management to a variety of industries. In managing your entire event or just one aspect, you will experience our full commitment and personal attention to meet your event needs every step of the way.

Show Representative

GEC is internationally associated with most of the renowned exhibition organizers for providing them Sales & Marketing support in India.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Sales support

  • Marketing Support
  • Visitor Promotion
  • Government/Association Support
  • National Pavilion
  • Partner Country
  • Logistics
  • Local Operations
  • Onsite Operations
  • Facility Management
Show Manager

GEC offer turnkey solutions for exhibition/trade fair organizers. Our services cover from the initial research through to post-event evaluation.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Sales Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Visitor Promotion
  • Government/Association Support
  • National Pavilion
  • Partner Country
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising
  • PR
  • Industry Support
  • Venue
  • Logistics
  • Local Operations
  • Onsite Operations
  • Facility Management


GEC as a management consultant provide specialised advice and services for the development and management of Exhibitions, Trade fair, Events & Conference & Seminar, Stand Designing & Database management.

GEC offer turnkey solutions, Our services cover from the initial research through to post-event evaluation. At GEC, we conceptualizing, market and execute the event for the client to achieve the desired goal. We believe “The Real Issue is Value not Price.” Long after the event/promotion is over, what is remembered is the value it generated, not how much it cost. However, more valuable need not necessarily mean more expensive.

Our Consulting services include:

  • Exhibition Market research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept Studies
  • Master planning
  • Exhibition Strategic & Business Planning
  • Venue Planning
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Road Shows
  • Public Relation, Advertising, Marketing & Sales Planning
  • Operations, Logistics & Facility Management
Conference Manager

GEC provides a professional, comprehensive and affordable conference management service. Our staff understands that each conference has very specific goals and works closely with the conference convener to achieve these goals.

The complete conference is obtainable through GEC Exhibition & Event Management. Either a small detailed agenda or a large multi-faceted schedule, our team of experts will deliver efficient results, you will come to depend on.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Conference Promotion
  • Secretariat Management
  • Abstract Management
  • Delegate Sales & Registration
  • Hospitality
  • Onsite Management
  • Finance Management
  • Venue Search
  • Conference Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Special Events/Decorating/Catering
Event Management

What ever event you are planning GEC can take away the hassle of planning, organising it, whilst delivering precisely the event that you want on time and in budget.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Exhibition Market research

  • Company Dealer Meets & Conferences.
  • Press Conferences – Product Launches.
  • Road shows – Product Demo and Sampling.
  • Promotions &am
Exhibition Management

Established in 1996, GEC specializes in the area of Exhibition Stand Design & Build services. We are a Complete Exhibition Management Company. In each project, we strive to deliver the rare combination of: an effective design solution focused on generating maximum response, backed with the great service & quality fabrication.

GEC specializes in the field of Exhibition Stand Design & Build services for projects across India & the Globe. GEC with a dedicated Retail & Exhibition department offers complete solutions for customized & system based stalls for events, exhibitions, trade shows & retail. Our team of professionals with many years of experience in the exhibition industry provides all services from Design Conception to Site Execution. We have successfully delivered several National & International assignments since our inception.

In each project, we strive to deliver the rare combination of: an effective design solution focused on generating maximum response, backed with the great service & quality fabrication. At GEC we have a range of solutions for your exhibition stand – be it in custom built, custom modular, completely modular or even a country/group stand.

We offer complete solution for Indian companies looking to exhibit anywhere across the world.

For Exhibitions in India:

  • Whether you are planning a single show, or a series of exhibitions, we can take complete care of for your exhibiting needs.
  • Right from great design – to fabrication, transportation, warehousing and on site management – we are experienced & equipped to handle your project from start to finish!
  • We have facility to stock materials in the cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore & Kolkata. This helps us to build your stand anywhere across the country while keeping costs in control & enjoying hassle free logistics.

For Exhibitions outside India:

  • And if you are looking to exhibit internationally, we provide an end to end solution – working with you locally on design& planning – which is then implemented with our carefully chosen International partners across the globe.
  • We are working in alliance with leading Stand Builders from several different countries. Rely on us to ensure your international programs are as smooth as a domestic one!
  • This experience makes us your ideal partner for successful & hassle free international co-operations!

We offer complete services including:

  • Custom fabrication using wooden work, metal work etc
  • Modular system based fabrications
  • Installation & dismantling
  • Graphic production & application
  • Rental furniture, flooring, carpeting etc
  • Electrical fittings & service
  • Audio visual equipments
  • Utility equipments i.e. refrigerators, coffee machine etc.
  • Project management
  • On site supervision & management
  • Design assistance
Database Management

GEC gathers and filters this data by conducting personal telephone interviews with target company personnel, detailed direct mail and email surveys, plus careful review of selected global business publications and intelligent Web searching applications.

Data management is the cornerstone of effective direct marketing. Without it, you really can’t communicate one-on-one with your customers and prospects.

As an integral part of our broader services, we provide our clients with complete data management solutions, including:

  • High volume data entry
  • Forms processing – Optical character recognition
  • Merge file & Realign data fields
  • Change Data structure
  • Data cleaning
  • Merge/purge
  • De-duplication
  • Mail merge
  • Mailing campaign management
  • Customer Loyalty Program Management (CRM) – through our Channel Partner

We are progressively expanding our Data Management capabilities and working closely with our clients and database owners advising and guiding them towards importance of Data Management and cleansing of their in-house databases.

The shape and condition of databases available for Direct Marketing activity in India is of very poor quality in terms of data structure. We are endeavoring to work with leading companies to help them realize the potential of their database providing them with our expertise in Quality Data Management leading to Quality Results.

Listed below are some of the Data Management / IT Solutions we provide :

  • Data Management / IT Solutions
  • We offer Onsite and Offsite Data Analysis; facilitate further usage of data for marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • We specialise in building effective database systems which involves:
  • Data Migration : ETL (Extract Transform Load) techniques are used to merge, purge, cleanse, match and de-dupe the data. Experienced in handling old and legacy systems / raw data and resolving redundancies and inconsistencies.
  • Data Consolidation: Proven algorithms are used to deal with complex, poor quality, diverse, and large volumes of data.
  • Data Profiling, Segmentation, Enrichment : Custom-built tools are used to gather information from within the universe of data and also from our highly profiled, diversified and huge data bank.
  • Data Warehousing : Expertise in implementing data warehousing solutions for large to medium volumes of data using latest RDBMS and OLAP tools.
  • Data Synchronization : Developed and implemented secure, high performance synchronization applications.
  • OLAP tools, data analysis and data mining algorithms and techniques are used to further analyze and segment customers, in terms of buying patterns and behaviors, preferences and profitability.
  • Well-defined and well-designed data mining and statistical analysis models are used to develop promotional campaigns or assess the effectiveness of previous campaigns.
  • Information for data analysis may be on the basis of: – Contact information, Group and Household information, Promotion, Product purchase and usage history, ransaction roll-up, Customer Service history, Survey/response data, Demographic/Psychographic data etc.
  • The database system enables building and designing lists for which different treatment strategies can be developed; plan/budget/schedule campaigns and monitor responses.
Market Promotion Consultant

GEC delivers a fully integrated marketing communications program for your company and its brands, taking your brand on a journey of renewed strength and vitality, standing out with its vibrant brand identity, brand image and personality.